Enhance Res - Low Performance


I work now and then with very large panoramas (up to 32000px), here I noticed that the speed, when enlarging, breaks down over time and the process becomes slower and slower.

The load on the Vram was very low, I think that everything went through the PCI-E.

The ram utilization increased by 48 GB.

After the enlargement, it must first clean the ram for minutes so that it works again, this also applies to the case that you close it.

DxDiag.txt (103.7 KB)

2023-02-04-12-24-24.txt (707.4 KB)

Just to show the picture itself.


My Intel Nvidia system does not have this problem of slowdown.

Thanks @TPX, we’ll have our developers look into this. This looks similar to a previous memory leak behavior we were investigating, I’ll let you know of any developments.

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