"Enhance" Check Box in Gigapixel does not appear to have any effect

The Procedure:
I ran Gigapixel on a variety of images with lots of noise and with little or no noise.
I upsized 200%, 300%, 400%, 500% and 600%.
I ran each image at each upsize %age with Enhance deselected and a secod time with Enhance selected.

The result:

  • There was no visible difference between the two results for each image.
  • The resulting file size (number of bytes in the file) of each pair was exactly the same - an indicator that absolutely nothing different was done for either image, and that they were processed exactly the same either way.

The conclusion:
Either selecting Enhance does nothing to further enhance the image, or deselcting Enhance does not stop whatever processing it does. Either way, there was no difference between the results.

My questions:
Is “Ehnance” working as spec’d or not?
If it is, why is there noticeable difference between the two results, particularly with noisy images?

Marty, I think you mean No noticeable difference. But don’t you just feel better if the box is checked? :grinning:

Marty you might want to check out tomorrows webinar 8.21.18, if you can’t attend it will be recorded. http://blog.topazlabs.com/webinars/ I think this can answer any of your questions.

Right you are … there is NO noticeable difference between checked and unchecked.

My mind seems faster than my fingers … which, at my age, is a good thing. I think.

Thanks Ricci … already signed up, and I should be able to attend.

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Just to update this discussion:

… - I attended the webinar yesterday and frankly did not garner any further information on the actual effects of the Enhance check box - it was barely mentioned. I did gain some further insight into the Match Input check box and the Convert RAW & Convert All radio buttons. So, jury is still out on all the operations the Enhance check box performs on an image.

… - I did some further upsize testing, this time with a complete image (previous tests were with a crop, which is my usual requirement). The image I upsized 600% was an old one taken with a 6MP DSLR at ISO 800 (perfectly exposed, but very noisy). The Enhance Image function did manage to smooth out the noise, but seemed to cause some speckling in the sky and clouds, and the overall output appears very overexposed, looking like a watercolor or pastel artwork - nice, but not a faithful rendition of the original. I have reported that issue in another thread I had started … please go to that other thread to follow the conversation - I will not be adding anything further to this thread.

The other thread reporting the issues I have reported regarding the output from AI GPix is …
Ai Gigapixel Modifies Exposure, Saturation, & Contrast of Output