Encountered error : File cannot be read

Sent 25 files form LR to Topaz Photo AI V 1.3.9. Topaz Photo AI reported 13 files cannot be read. After processing the 12 files that can be read, tried to process the remaining 13 files without closing Photo AI, 8 files went thru, 5 files cannot be read by Photo AI. Processed the remaining 5 files without closing Photo AI, 2 files went thru, 3 files cannot be read by Photo AI. Processed again without closing Photo AI, 2 files went with 1 file remain. Tried again and again on the remaining 1 file, same error. Closed Photo AI and tried processing the remaining 1 file by sending it to Photo AI from LR, it went thru. Of all the 25 files processed with multiple tries, LR indicated 6 files cannot be read, of the 6 files LR could not read, 5 files had reading error reported by Photo AI during processing. In the past versions of Photo AI do have files that cannot be read by LR. Did not encounter any file reading error for past versions.

@smwong348 Thanks for bringing this to our attention, it’s the first I’ve heard of this.

What file type are you using?

Can you upload the originals to this Dropbox.

I’d like to run some tests and see if the behavior is consistent on my computer.
Please comment letting me know when you’ve uploaded something because Dropbox doesn’t do a great job at notifying me.

Hi Tim,

I have rolled back to V 1.3.8 with the link provided by Lingyu. No issue with reading file and applying model with V 1.3.8

My files are NEF files, converted to TIF by LR before they are sent to Photo AI for processing.

No more wrong image assigned to the filename after processing with V 1.3.8.

Issue with one file in the batch with Keywords and rating removed still exist with V 1.3.8. Apparently it only affects large batch size.

Issue with not having all files sent by LR appearing in Photo AI still exist. I tried sending 91 files from LR to Photo AI, only 63 files appear in Photo AI. In one of the previous versions (can’t remember which), 2 instances of Photo AI appeared, total of the 2 instances add up to the total number of files sent from LR, apparently this does not happen to V 1.3.8

Thanks for rolling back and trying that.

I’ve passed this along to our developers to take a look at and especially what’s different about v1.3.8. We’ll work on removing this bug for future releases.

We appreciate your feedback!

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