Enable cancelation of autopilot analysis with ESC key and save settings for faster workflow

Often I just want to quickly apply my settings, but I always have to wait until the autopilot analysis has finished and the UI buttons are enabled. Cacelation of autopilot with the ESC key would be really helpful.

Also a feature to save current settings in order to quickly apply them the next time I open an image would be useful. For example I often upscale my notes but have to dial in the same settings every time. Maybe put a panel above the opened image with buttons that apply the corresponding saved settings. For example I could have a button called “Notes” that applies my settings and directly exports the result to my folder with my desired name sheme and file format.

@crue Thanks for your suggestions.

Preset settings have been in discussion for some time, we just haven’t had the capacity to implement a feature like that yet. I hear what you’re saying about disable autopilot from processing too.