Emojiis not working here

I am using the latest update of Windows 10. Now it seems the emojis are not working here. Have not tried them elsewhere yet but here I get this picture when trying to use one on a forum message. Just wondering since I hang out here a lot these days.


I am using Win7 on this PC and I get the same display as you Michael. They all seem to be there but they are not displayed.

Edit: When I saved this I saw them for a second then they disappeared.

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They have been broken for a while. I suspect it’s on the to do list but not a huge priority.


Got nothing in @john811 post other than the text – until — I lioked @Kathy_9 posting – then @john811 post changed to

and the codes for the emojiis appeared

The emoji text comes and goes. If you refresh the page, it’s gone but then later comes back.

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