Email offering upgrade plan

Yet another email from Topaz!!!
Photo Upgrade Plan (prorated)
Upgrades for DeNoise AI, Gigapixel AI, and Sharpen AI until May 5, 2023:
(Your existing Photo Upgrade Plan expired on Nov 20, 2021.)
So although I only updated my options on Sharpen AI in March this year I bit the bullet on this offer because of the price but I do wish Topaz would maybe come on here and give us some news on what we maybe looking at coming in the future on these products, maybe faster rendering although since upgrading my CPU they do seem to render faster. Russ.

Check the notes at the top of each version release thread in the Product Release category on this forum.

I was a bit surprised too that I got an email offer for the three products which I had already purchased long before. :slight_smile: