"Ellie, Lizzie and Sadie in the Dog Park"

Topaz Studio; Topaz Simplify, BuzSim. I had hoped that Topaz had fixed the problems using both Impression and Simplify inside of Studio 1.0.7. For a short while, everything was working fine. However, both yesterday and today, the problems (the same as before) returned with a vengeance. When I am inside of Studio and try to use Impression, no image appears in the Interface and everything freezes, requiring that I force quit, Impression. With Simplify, everything seems to have worked fine, including applying Simplify. But when I go to Studio>Apply, Studio and all of the work done there, crashes. I don’t want to engage in problem solving any more. When I want to used either Simplify or Impression in conjunction with Studio, I need to apply the work done in Studio to a Layer (note: I do my Topaz editing in Photoshop 2017.1), and then I need to apply either Topaz Simplify or Topaz Impression separately.


Very nice work, particularly like the colors. Sorry about the issues.

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That’s a fine image. There are problems with Studio interacting with PS and LR and a lot of other unaddressed issues that mean an image has to be nursed through in ways that are far from ideal. Definitely not firing on all cylinders yet.


Nice result … can only agree with your comments about Studio as on my PC it doesn’t even start since 1.0.1 came on the scene … there are many problems.

I agree, the image has nice results and colors. Hoping your issues are resolved very soon by Topaz?