Electricity Effect Studio 2?

Several weeks ago I managed a very interesting efftect which made electricity go though and out of parts of the image (highlights mainly). Now I rcan’t emember how I did it. Prety dumb, but could somebody point out how this is done in Topaz Studio 2? Thanks!

Sort the Looks By Glow. It may be what you’re looking for.

I believe that is the Radiance filter.

The Electrify control is in the Glow filter like it was in the old Topaz Glow 2 program.

You need to use the search tools for the looks use All/All and then search for electric …


Thanks Don, that did the trick. And I’ve added all my favorite looks to my Favorites. But not I can’t open up the Add Lok tab without the search and sort bt options showing. How do I get back to the way it was before? Thanks again, Richard

Just close the Search tab or click on filters.

Neither seemed to work. I must really be missing something. Also, is it possible to create custom look categories so I can arrange my favorites by category? Thanks! Richard

No, the category My Looks is reserved for your local looks. The reason for that is that looks are updated every time there is an install and then you will have different versions. But you can Favourite the Looks you want and sort by existing categories: