Education with innovation

I would really love to see some of the great videos that have been produced for the other topaz products, produced for Studio. I think many of us would benefit for seeing how Studio is used in a complete workflow.

Also there would be benefit from each of the adjustment being more fully explained then that offered in the initial promotional spots.

I feel alot of the innovation that has been envisioned by the Topaz team is being lost on its users as we are flying a little blind from lack of seeing the whole picture.

Must admit I am not much of an article reader and loved the information and inspiration that was provided with the other Topaz products in Webinars and the Quick Tip Thursday videos.

While it is fun playing to discover it is not very efficient and can become exhausting. I hope to soon see that more comprehensive education and explanation comes in line with the product updates.


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Joe, I have watched these as they appeared and they are well produced and a nice start. I still would like to see more explanation and also whole project use of studio.

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We’re getting there :slight_smile:

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I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s like flying blind. Sometimes things go smoothly and the next, I lose track and wind up doing things over and over…not because of some program bug but because I’ve applied or done something in the wrong order so I’ll call it human error.

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Joe – If someone as talented as Sharon is expressing these comments, imagine how the rest of us must feel. We are just users, not beta testers, trying so hard to learn this software. I have never worked so hard learning new software, and getting nowhere. The only progress I have made has been because of Sharon’s help. Three weeks ago you told me in an email: " We also have a very dense schedule planned for upcoming educational content that will help you get the most out of Studio, in the least amount of time." Everyday I turn on the computer looking for some workflow instruction (which I had asked you for). You have come up with new options in Studio, but again with no instruction; e.g., Motion Blur. I can only thank Sharon once again, this time for bringing to your attention exactly what we all need so badly.

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Our plans to introduce content have not changed.

I completely echo what Sharon and others have said. And, at the same time I understand the constraints of time and human power that Topaz operates under with a cadre of only 10 very dedicated folks. Is there anything the community can do to help with the education effort?

While reading something is helpful the full impact of a complete how to video or webinar is what I find most helpful.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

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Yes, Sharon I also totally agree. This software is very powerful but it is not easy to get your arms around it.
The other day I watched this great tutorial by Jodi Robbins about the basic correction. This is what we need to see for other features of Studio. Jodi’s tutorial is here:

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These videos exist on the Adjustment pages. Just head to the main Studio site, and pick any Adjustment you’d like to see a video on, from the Adjustments menu at the top of the page.

You can learn a lot about each adjustment by watching those videos, which are collected in the video playlist I listed above, also:

Topaz Studio Videos

Maybe that link will get y’all to actually start watching them :slight_smile:

Joe, I guess most of us have watched those but I call these ‘marketing videos’ and not tutorials. They are nicely made videos but how much can you learn in a minute ??


If you want a lot of videos, they have to be short. If you want longer videos, you have to wait for more to be produced.

Brevity of Video x Number of Videos = Time

We have not changed our plans to produce more content. Please be patient.