Editing Video Footage with Topaz Studio

Hello there!

I´ve tried to edit a video file in PS with Topaz. I converted it into a smart object and added a Topaz filter as a smart filter. When I want to save the video in PS, Topaz shows up and it seems I have to add the Filter to every single frame.
I´ve seen a very old blog from Topaz, which explains how to edit a video file in PS. I did it that way.
But maybe it is not possible anymore, or I´ve missed something.

Can someone give me a tip what I´m doing wrong?

Thanks in advance, Tom

…and sorry for my crappy english. :slight_smile:

No authority on this but Studio isn’t intended for video and doesn’t batch process to my knowledge so it would seem that each frame would have to be addressed. Perhaps you’re thinking of Video Enhance? Know nothing about what it can and cannot do but it is intended for video.

If you have photoshop you can make each frame of video into a jpeg, batch process using topaz adjust (legacy version, I think?!) And then use free Virtualdub to stitch the jpegs back into a vdeo …