Editing multiple images from Ligtroom results in duplicates

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Steps to reproduce issue:

macOS 13.4.1 (22F82) - latest Ligtroom Classic and Topaz photo AI
Apple M1

  1. Select 5 images in Lightroom. Choose edit in > Topaz photo AI > Edit copy with LR adjustment > edit as tiff
  2. Go through images in Topaz making adjustments
  3. Save all back to Lightroom
  4. Some of the images are duplicated. eg image 1-Edit.tiff and 3-Edit.tiff are the same output from topaz

Thanks for reaching out. How often are your files getting duplicated? How many images in the batch are duplicated?

We are currently investigating this issue and coming up with a plan to track down the issue.


It happens almost every time I edit >1 photo at a time. Sometimes just one photo is wrong, sometimes 2 or 3 are.

In case it helps, my Topaz Photo AI version is 1.4.2.

Just now I’ve edited 4 photos. As you can see, the first 3 images are correct, but the 4th image _64A9365-Edit is actually the same image as _64A9358-Edit, and not the same as image _64A9365.

I have a developer working on stress tests for batch processing so we can start working on fixing this.

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