Editing Looks often produces a transparency

I can apply a look (e.g., Craftmaster Tinotype) – then when I turn off/on various components, I’ll often get a full transparency which takes a lot of fiddling to restore the full image. The same thing can happen when I fiddle with any slider in the various components of the Look.
Let’s hope this is fixed in a pending upgrade.


I suspect you may have a local issue, rather than it being a bug,

On a Windows 10 Pro (1909) system, in Studio 2, I can turn off all of the component filters that make up Craftmaster Tinotype, and as I would expect be left with the original image. I also can’t produce a transparency by randomly altering any of the individual sliders in the individual look component filters, but obviously there are so many combinations possible.

It might help if you provided some specific information, starting with what operating system you have, a screen shot of the Help->Graphics Info screen, what size and format your source image is and exactly what filters you have on and off when you get a transparency.

Did you ever resolve this issue?