Edit Presets in Video AI

G’day folks. (Love your products BTW)
I’m being a bit thick (I think). I’m not able to edit my Presets in Video AI.
I’ve searched your knowledge base and even watched a video on YouTube, but nothing in knowledge base, and the YouTube video shows a different interface to v3.2.2.
Can you direct me to the correct window/dropdown/whatever to do this.
I am able to save presets I create, but cannot get rid of others I no longer need.
Many thanks,

You can search the forum

Here is the result.

Hi Jackey. Thanks for your input.
I managed to discover the simple procedure myself…which for those who are still wondering is as follows:

Go to the Preset window (Upper right corner of Interface).
Open Presets by clicking on “None”.
Click on (highlight) the preset you wish to edit/delete.
Then go to the “Edit” dropdown menu and click on “Modify Preset”, or “Delete Preset” as necessary.