Edit photo in Topaz Photo AI 2, return to LR, edited photo is unavailable

This is a new issue that started for me about two months ago.
I thought it would be fixed in a few weeks, so I stoped using it.
It’s now been maybe two months, and the problem is still there.

  1. Start Lightroom.
  2. Select photo to edit
  3. Start Topaz Photo AI 2 using command File->Plug-in Extras->Process with Topaz Photo AI 2
  4. Edit photo
  5. Exit Topaz Photo AI and save photo. Photo saves as filename.DNG
  6. Return back to Lightroom and photo is stacked, but I cannot see the DNG file.
  7. Unstack the photo to try to see the DNG file, and there is no DNG file.
  8. Check the photo before and after the original photo, but they are not DNG files.

I cannot figure out how to attach my screenshots to this message.
If you show me how, I will add screenshots.
This is Topaz Photo AI 2 version 2.0.3 on Windows 11 Home.

It looks like you submitted a support ticket about the same issue. We’ll be able to troubleshoot via the email chain must faster than on this thread.