Edit in Topaz cannot be saved to Apple Photos Library for some random files

Some images in Apple Photos Library cannot be saved after editing in Topaz. Attached I added an example of offending file:

Steps to reproduce issue:

  1. Im viewing image in Photos
  2. I click “Edit” and then from “three dot menu” in Edit view in Photos I select “Topaz”. Image is first opened inside Photos in Topic plugin and then swiftly opened in Topaz app.
  3. I apply edits in Topaz and and click “Save to Apple Photos”. It routs back to Photos with (edited) image still opened in Topaz plugin.
  4. I click “Save edits” (or sth like that, my system has polish language set, so Photos UI is in polish, and says equivalent of that).
  5. I got error that edits cannot be saved (again, in polish). This is, I believe, Photos dialog window:

While the error itself seem to happen in Photos, it only happens with Topaz, I never had problems, even with the same files, when editing with other plugins, e.g. Pixelmator.

And with Topaz it happens rarely, only with some files.

Topaz Photo AI v2.4.0 on Mac

That’s a known and long standing issue. And it only happens with images in portrait orientation, landscapes will work.

A dirty workaround is to crop the image slightly (a few pixels are enough) in Apple Photos before you send it to TPAI. That way saving back the file will work.

See also here:

and here:

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