Eddie Lockjaw Davis

I finally bused out the cash for Corel Painter 2019 which is where I started this rendering. It then migrated into TS2 with additional PS color, selective contrast and brush strokes. I found the image of Eddie in my vinyl collection. Clearly, there is going to be a learning curve and some online work with Painter. I’d love to ditch PS and stop paying the monthly fee. But we’ll see how that works out as it is such an integral part of everything I’ve ever done. I’ve decided learning a new application is a lot like playing pin ball, the more quarters you stick in the better you get.

Special thanks to Ricci for pushing me over the edge with Painter!


Yeah baby!

Painter 2019 costs $25 at Humblebundle legit no catch!


Argh, I upgraded from Painter essentials. But still, why didn’t I look there?