Easy Feature Request

The option to select “Zoom to Fit” as the default view would be helpful. Thanks

Would like to request a feature to export a transparent PNG based on the AI mask. The software already does an amazing job in detecting the subject, and it would be really useful if we can export the subject as a cutout.

Can you add this as a separate post? This is an interesting idea but seems unrelated to the original post.

The default will be what you previously used. If you used Zoom to Fit and then closed the app, the next time you open it, the zoom will be Zoom to Fit.

Cheers Tim,
Apologies I didn’t realize I was replying in this thread! I’ll do that.

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It’s not working that way for me. Details:

Open TPAI > Right click new image > Open with TPAI > Ctrl 0 (for Zoom to Fit) > > Save image > Close app. Open TPAI > Right click new image > Open with TPAI > <zoom is 100% not Zoom to Fit>.

However, if I reopen an image immediately after processing and closing, the Zoom to Fit view is preserved. I’m hoping for the view setting to be preserved as an app setting so that it will persist until manually changed.

Hope the info is helpful.


Thanks for clarifying your workflow.

The reasoning on our end is that most photos will take too long to process at Zoom to Fit as a default. Therefore it’s usually zoomed in so that only the portion you want to examine at a time is being processed.

I appreciate your feature request!

Yes. Please note that my request was for a setting that could be changed by the user, not a hard-coded default change. The current default is obviously one useful option, Zoom to Fit would be another. I don’t want to see capability or options removed, just an addition to what is currently available.


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