Easier Playhead Positioning

I can drag the playhead with the mouse to the general neighborhood I want, but from there it is tedious to positioning it exactly. If I hold down one of the left/right buttons, it zooms to the beginning or end of the video. I can’t drag it with the mouse in small increments, and the left/right button clicks advance by a single frame, so it takes a while to go a few seconds in either direction.

Could you change it so that holding down the ctrl key while clicking on left/right buttons advances by a whole second instead of a single frame. Likewise, you could make the shift key advance by 10 seconds.

SHIFT + Left or Right Arrow for 1s
CONTROL + Left or Right Arrow for 10s

Should be in next early access 3.0.0-7


Thanks for the quick reply.

In addition to the arrows, it would also be nice to use the mouse wheel forward/back (with the same shift/ctrl modifiers) for positioning.