Early Morning at Bear Lake RMNP

This image is from my 2010 vacation in Colorado. It was also my first trip with a DSLR - 6MP D40. Unfortunately, I did all my shooting in JPEG not RAW. I knew about and shot in RAW with my prior Fuji S5000; the Fuji came with its own RAW converter software. However, I no such software in the early days of my D40. Also, while the D40 could shoot RAW+JPEG, it only did that with the low quality JPEG. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: So I started off with just the best JPEG.

The rocky summit block is Hallett Peak; the true summit is hidden behind and rises to over 12,700ft. I spent the morning hiking up to the continental divide including the summit of Hallett.

Only LR was used for the color version:

I used B&W Effects via Topaz Studio for this conversion:

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Nice shots Scott. I love Colorado in the Fall, some beautiful scenes and I’ve been on the Durango to Silverton road many times summer and fall.

great shot!

Both very nice. In the past I did the same as you. I did not realize the potential of RAW. Since I have changed I shoot RAW only and convert to .jpeg or .tif. Little extra work but in my opinion it is worthwhile especially also because storage space is so inexpensive these days

Beautiful setting and capture …

Thank you @sjssjs @RatRodStudios

Thanks Ron. Me too. Though we do get pretty Fall colors here in Minnesota, I still like Fall in Colorado more. The aspens are so bold against the dark pines, and the snow and mountains add so much more to the beauty. I’ve thought about just driving around car camping for a week or two in the Durango-Silverton area around mid September.

Thanks Peter. Fortunately, I’m sure we both have better software and more skill to still get something good out of those old JPEGs. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very nice original and I really like your be conversion

What an absolute stunning scene, the reflections are so sharp.

Very beautiful scenery…love the color version.

Thanks Ken. B&W Effects did a great job, especially considering it was a JPG original. No halos got out of control or anything.

Thank you Jacki; out of the umpteen hikes I’ve done at RMNP, this was one of the very few with such still, mirror like water.

Thanks Marty. This was the first shot of the morning on the way to the summit in the reflection. We almost missed this scene. Very fortunate to have taken the little side trail through the trees to the lake shore.

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