Early december: Bridges between two urban islands: Montreal and Laval

2 panoramas of 8 photos with Microsoft Ice and post produced with Topaz Studio Adjustments and Plugins. Thank you for watching and for your comments.


Nice work Pierre, especially with the color re-style …

Fabulous job on both images!

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Great perspectives, captures and edits …

Great shots and edits.

two superb ambiance shots but #1 is my favourite

Basically I like no. 2 but the pipe and wires on the left side are a bit disturbing

Thank you Laundromat for the suggestion. Rapidly i try to minimize this default and i propose this new photo. That’s take very long time to me to correct this little object in a photo. Not perfect but i think it is better :wink:

These are gorgeous! The warm lighting under the bridge on the first really adds to the image.

Thank you Laundromat ! My new photo with your suggestion of the distracting pipe now corrected ! And again, i am sorry because my English is not my native language. So, i have not understanding the good photo that we talk. What do you thing ?