Dynamic Bitrate Medium creates wildly different file sizes between MacOS and Windows

Doing some testing with Dynamic Bitrate on Windows 10, I created a preset and was happy with the quality and file size on Medium. Upscaling a TV series to 1080p, the size per episode came out at around 1GB. When Dynamic Bitrate became available on MacOS, I tried the exact same preset on the same source file on my M2 Pro Mac mini to see what differences there were, and the output file was around 10GB, almost 10x the size! Not sure what could be causing such a massive disparity between the two machines, other than Topaz Video AI being V3.4.4 on my Mac and 3.4.0 on my PC (which I am afraid to update incase this is a bug in the latest version).

I’ve attached logs from both the PC and Mac installs below:
MacOSlogsForSupport.tar.gz (13.4 MB)
WindowslogsForSupport.tar.gz (28.9 MB)


Thanks for reporting this. The dynamic bitrate mode uses different encoding settings depending on the available graphics devices on the system.

We will continue to adjust the parameters of the encoders in future updates to be more even between operating systems and GPUs.

Thanks! If it helps, the Windows machine was equipped with 2x RTX 3090 GPUs and an Intel 11900K CPU. The Mac mini was an M2 Pro with 16GB RAM.

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