DV progressive/interlaced 25fps - converts to "a kind of 24fps"

Strange problems by upscaling DV-footage to HD.
It was captured from tape and it was recorded via editing system as progessive.
After re-editing it in Premiere Pro I had to export it as interlaced, because the codec settings do not allow “progresssive”.- After upscaling (Dione interlaced…), the resulting ProRes-file has this 25/24-stuttering, means that there are doubled pictures every 50 frrames.
The only workaround is: exporting the edited DV as ProRes (SD) and upscaling this.
If I edit interlaced DV.stuff and export this as interlaced DV, the upscaling does work.
A tiny little bug …

You can install Blackmagic design Decklink codecs, which are free, and allowing you to use progressive DV export. Topaz has no problem reading those, I’ve done hundreds of videos. Its also beneficial for your other workflows probably.

Tried that, but that’s not the source of the wrong encoding. Export with Prem-codec and with BM-codec to DV PAL works - every frame is a different frame - as the source. Topaz doubles every 24th frame. It’s a bug and also a BM-codec-enhancement has this error.

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