DV footage workflow with Premiere and Topaz Video AI

I have some clips from the DV era. Only a part of them will be used in the final film rally so it is a waste of time to improve their quality by Topaz Video Ai.

Once I make a selection of video material in Premiere (just cutting without effects and color grading), I may export to Prores and run the file through Topaz Video AI. Once corrected, I will load it back into Premiere and finish editing. Am I thinking right?

cheers, Mike


Could it matter if I transcode the Dv footage first (before importing into Premiere) or during Export?

I think not…

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Your thinking sounds spot-on to me! I would deinterlace as a first step and then use any other editing tools as a second pass.

if all you looking for is cut scenes then stitch them back together again after you processed them in VAI, I would suggest the use of the free tool LosslessCut for this and not premier. with lossless cut, you retain the original video format without any transcoding.

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