DV camera footage

What would be the best settings to enhance a DV camera footage?

Can you explain a little more what you are trying to achieve? If you are talking about DV format you may need to de-interlace before using Video Enhance AI

Video is de-interlaced. In short: I want to achieve more details of the footage.

Video Enhance AI can enlarge the footage for you … that will also enlarge the existing detail.

This page has the user guide info you are looking for …


It depends on how you capture the DV footage. If you are a Mac person and you use iMovie to capture your DV footage, iMovie will half its resolution to 320x240 and then upscale back to 640x480/720480 as the means of de-interlacing the footage, except iMovie 6HD. If this is the case, the Gaia-HQ can help add additional detail, but keep in mind that iMovie’s method of capturing DV footage literally destroys any perceived detail. If you are using Final Cut Express or Pro to capture the DV footage however, it will capture the full resolution. If you are a PC person, Windows Movie Maker captures your DV footage in full resolution. You will then need a program to de-interlace the footage and I had found that this type of DV footage is the best to upscale with VEAI. If you have a high quality DV source made via a professional DV camcorder, Artemis HQ is a good choice. If you have a consumer camcorder made DV source, then Artemis LQ is a good choice. You can also use Theia and adjust the detail to 100%, sharpening to 50% and 10% for noise to start with. It all depends on your source quality. So the key to capturing DV is to have the right software for it and capture it at the highest quality first before feeding into VEAI.


Capturing with Vegas, sometimes with WMM. Original is NV-GS80.

Ok, if it’s coming from the Panasonic NV-GS80, then I would recommend the 1st pass to use Artemis LQ 100% Denoise&Deblock. If the footage is fuzzy and washed out, then probably Theia-D and play with the setting. 100% Denoise&Deblock works really well to restore back detail, remove color banding and reduce noise. Once you finished that, the 2nd pass would be to upscale using VEAI to whatever resolution you want the final DV footage to be. Upscaling in steps is better than doing it all in one shot I found. For some reason, every new pass using VEAI will make your DV footage loose 1 frame out of the total frames in the movie. This is with version 1.5.3

It looks like picture is washed out more then noisy. What settings you recommend in Theia-D? Thanks for 2nd pass idea.

Really depends how bad and washed out it is. If it’s really bad, then you need an intermediary program to fix it first. A number of VEAI users I know from the VEAI beta group use Neat Video plug-in to fix washed out video first. Do a short 10 sec clip of the worst washed out DV footage you have and run it through Theia D with 100% detail, 50% sharpness and 20% noise and see how it goes. If it doesn’t look good, then you need to use a program like Neat Video to clean it up first. VEAI doesn’t do those things to clean up bad DV sources. Neat Video plug-in is available for Vegas.

Thanks. Do you maybe have some experience with VirtualDub’s free noise removers Instead of Neat Video?

No I don’t. I use either Vreveal or Avidemux which is free. It has a pretty good set of filters to reduce noise, improve sharpness and reduce the washout effect of low quality SD footage. I even use Avidemux to upscale VEAI 100% deblock/denoise footage up to 4K with good results, which is almost imperceptible from VEAI’s 4K upscale viewing from a distance.

BTW, what you all think about Neat Video’s Smart Sharpening vs sharpening by VEAI?