During render quit and erased all the png files it had rendered

After 2 days of a 3 day render, 5:30 into an 11 minute video, the program quit rendering with the error:

  • No space left on device.

  • Free space in C:/ : 0.000 / 465.115 (GB)

  • Free space in D:/ : 0.037 / 0.049 (GB)

  • Free space in F:/ : 483.554 / 3725.896 (GB)

  • Free space in G:/ : 0.006 / 14.453 (GB)

  • Note: some space gets freed up when the unfinished files are deleted when a process fails.

It may be true that there was no space available, I was not checking it too regularly, but I never expected for all of the pre-rendered files to have been totally erased. I have had to do multiple renderings in the past, always to saved jpg or png files, so that i could inch my way through crashes. In this case, I was happy to see all the png files in my directory and shocked to see them all erased when I returned. Maybe as an option to the user when the saving volume is running low to stop the rendering and offload the files. It was very disheartening to find this feature in Video AI. Apart from that, I like the new Iris model in version 3.3.0 Let this be a warning to others who use the save frames option thinking they are making permanent headway.

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I experience the same problem. The whole folder (full of PNGs) disappears if an error occurs at some point… and I mean any error (at least in my case), so this error response is not limited to “the disk is full” situation.

in the previous build I saved renders to jpg files, and it crashed several times during the night-long renders, but the files were there so they could be used. This time i opted for png files (quality considerations) and then they all went away. Currently rendering the video 1/3 of the way through, stopping, offloading files, and back. We’ll see how that works.


We will be considering some UI changes to make file deletion and save-on-crash behavior more clear to users. We hope to have these changes out soon.

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