Duplicate file export, using "native" timecode, slow motion factors

When I export from Topaz Video AI (4.0.3 on a MacStudio M1 Ultra) I get an extra duplicate of the export with “temp” in the filename. It’s the exact same size, so basically an identical copy. It seems to me that should be deleted when the export finishes… It takes up space, sometimes a lot.

Also: when I import a clip from a Panasonic Varicam camera (.MXF) Topaz doesn’t show me the “native” timecode of that clip but starts at 00:00:00:00. So now I have to visually identify the in- an out-points of the segment that I want to render. That’s not ideal. I would prefer that I can use the original timecode attached to the clip.

Also: why are the slow motion “factors” so limited? It’s 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, etc. But why not 5x? Why not -for example- 3,5x? Why not have the user define a percentage of the original speed? Because 2x basically means 50% speed. I find a percentage of the original speed is a better way of expressing what’s actually happening. And sometimes you want 80%, or 43% or whatever.

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