Dual enhancement is FANTASTIC

Much of my Tb++ of archival footage is low-res interlaced. Up to now, it’s been very laborious, time consuming, and error prone to try and get the best enhancement for any clip, because the first thing I have to do is deinterlace and save an intermediate file, then process that with real enhancements.

The latest VEAI release with dual-enhancement capability has made a WORLD of difference! Not only is it possible to deinterlace and enhance in one go, but it’s now easy to see how various choices and settings of one and the other affect each other. Tweaking to get the best result now takes a fraction of the time and is much more likely to produce a good result.

This is a MAJOR step forward. Thanks VEAI dev team!

I find this feature really useful too!
There are so many combinations I never was able to try before, because it took so much work to set it all up. This feature is awesome for trying new combinations!

So glad to hear that you are both enjoying this new feature! Definitely a large improvement compared to the previous steps needed to stack Enhancement filters :slight_smile: