Downscaling before upscaling


I notices with some of my 720p videos that it seems like they have been upscaled to 720p from a lower resolution.
In these cases it helps to downscale them to a lower resolution before upscaling with Video Enhance AI.

One idea for a new feature would be to have that functionality built in and using AI to determine whether to downscale before upscale or not.

Not sure if that makes any sense.

In this case I just use handbrake with x264 ultrafast and RF 0, which is lossless. Not sure if it’s 100% lossless when also scaling but it should be. If not, it’s at least as close as possible.

But interesting idea

Hi, This is pretty much what I do in these cases today already.
I mean, using Handbreak for downscaling

But the idea if for Topaz to be able to handle it automatically without relying on other products on the market. and less steps to worry about for the enduser

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