Downloads new releases but doesn't update

I have downloaded about 6 times but the new versions won’t install. The current version is Topaz Photo AI 1.2.1 and I have it on a MacBook Pro M1. After perusing the discussions I checked to ensure Topaz Photo AI has full access to the disk, and it didn’t so I changed it to access and redownloaded. It shows the Download was successful but the updates don’t happen. I quit and restarted Topaz Photo AI but get the same 1.2.1 version. Previously updates when intitiated by downloading, happened automatically.

Topaz Photo AI [v1.2.1] on [MacBook Pro M1]

Download the full installer for v1.2.6 from this link and update manually:

I am in the same situation as wren.gilgan. v1.21.1 and MacBook Pro M1. The update runs but when it gets to downloading the AI Modules, I get a beachball and then a message that the update was successful. When I launch the app, it indicates that I am still on V1.2.1

I tried as you suggested to download the full installer and update manually. It doesn’t work either.

Please raise a support request at the main website.

Do you still need help with this? I believe I may have responded to your support request already.