Downloading optimised models

I have read the discussions about the sheer size of all the models and how this means they need to be downloaded ad hoc. However my trouble is limited data allowance in peak time. I want to do the big downloads in Off-Peak time, where I have heaps of allowance.

Some of these optimised downloads seem pretty huge. ATM I am experiencing a situation with Gigapixel where I load a photo, and GP says it’s downloading optimised, then sits at 2%, while the MB/s fly by. After waiting for a few minutes at 2-3MB/s, I give up. Repeat, but for a lot less time.

The programme will not close and Task Manager says it’s not responding.

Is there a way I can work out what file I need to download, and its size, so I can decide how to deal with the situation, please?

Thanks for any help.


They downloaded pretty quickly for me (less than a minute each one) even though they appeared to stick at 2 sec.
I believe only models optimised for your computer are downloaded so, once they are, that’s it. I suppose there might be updates occasionally.
You can set the preferences to not have the optimise models download at all. You won’t get such good results and processing might be slower. I suppose you could turn back on at a time when you think you have better internet access. Maybe during the night.

Thanks for the reply.

The one that scared me in GP was taking several minutes with no signs of progress, even at 2-3MB/s.

The trouble with doing it at night time is that the time needs to be 01:00 - 07:00 for my off-peak access, so realistically 06:00. Not exactly the time I can conveniently be awake to open programmes and wait for downloads. I schedule other larger stuff, so that’s OK.