Downloaded Sharpen AI, installed and both times it will not start

And your forums are unbelievably bad I could not find anywhere to comment. Request immediate help. And the download takes some time where I live and I hope after 3rd time that it actually works. 2 downloads no functioning software. Some help needed please.
Thank You.

Have you heard of the concept of the 30-day no-cost trial? The way it works is that you download the software and confirm it works (for 30 days, if necessary) on your platform BEFORE you purchase it. You might try it next time.

In this specific case, you will need to open a support ticket and they typically don’t reply on Sundays so it will not be immediate. However, I suggest you actually include some useful info for the personnel to trouble-shoot with ie your trouble description is also guano.

Going forward you need to tone your language down. This is a user to user forum - if you want help from other users you’ll need to provide a lot more information than you’ve given e.g. what exactly happened when you tried to run the app and any error message(s) you saw. Did you check that your computer meets the minimum requirements before purchasing?

Intel 4,20 GHZ 32 GB ram

and when I try to start it I get a message that tells me that something was not found, so I uninstalled and re installed and same message. Programe does not work for me. At least up to now. I have taken a screenshot of the message but I see no where to post a screenshot here, I may be missing it.

I understand you Paul and thank you for your reply.
Please let me know what other information is needed. And I will do my best to supply it.

Next time you see it just take another screenshot - then cntl+v (for Windows) will add it into a post here.

Thank you I will try that

Just got message that I cannot put images in a post

Thank you Paul, I appreciate you trying to help me . But I have had enough and will now demand my cash be returned.