Download Studio v1

I just upgraded to Topaz 2 - and I´m shocked. I´ve been using Topaz products for many years - and EVERYTHING I loved at this software is gone.

5 Likes scroll down to Classic section … Oops, its not there any longer sad to say.

Scroll down to the bottom to dowload!

The question was “how to get back to version 1”!
I have both and version 1 still works perfect.

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If someone uninstalled can they still retrieve the s/w for TS 1? Jack’s note implies older s/w is no longer available on the Downloads page.

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TS1 is located at the bottom of the list for downloads:

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Like I said I have both versions installed on my Windows 10 laptop and both version work independently without any problem. The link I posted is to version 1. So what’s your question?

OldRadioGuy answered my question just above your comment that I’m replying to now.

Jack had suggested the “classic” software was no longer there.

I was always wanting a downloads page that included the previous versions of each of the programs. So if a newer version crapped out on my PC I could go back to a previous one. I’ve always saved the older installers till I discovered that they aren’t discrete and something in the code of each new release over-writes the old installers. [So, for ex., if I have 1.1.2 installed, download 1.1.3 and it tanks my PC in some way and I want to go back to 1.1.2 using the installer I downloaded, I can’t b/c all that will open when I launch my 1.1.2 installer is 1.1.3]…

That’s the same link I posted, but now I understand what you mean.
The installer app they use now for every plugin will not help for your idea to revert back to a previous or older version of a plugin.


I haven’t updated anything from Topaz since I started reading all the disaster stories by those who have and posted what was going on with new installers on the Discussion boards. I’m in the middle of a ginormous photo project and can’t afford to lose access to software I depend on to process my images. I have been a die-hard (and positively vocal to many groups in my region!) fan/advocate of Topaz and its products for about 8 yrs (since I took up photography). I’m concerned … and not sleeping right b/c so much of what I do with photography depends on the plugins I’ve invested (money & time) in.


That’s why I kept version 1 and wait till version 2 gets more mature. I must say that I’m very happy with Gigapixel AI and made some amazing stuff with it. Mask AI is also slowly getting better, but has a total different work flow then Remask 5 that you really need to study to be able to work with it. Sharpen AI gives me daily good results and Adjust AI is getting better every update. It’s a total new kind of software so you have to give the developers the opportunity to succeed. And yes I hate all those updates too.


You may want to explain what your actual problem is.


Hello Don
Please excuse my late answer. You ask what my problem is.

First of all I don´t like this strangely minimalistic user interface. Essential functions like “Lens”, “Mask”, “Apply”, “Duplicate”, “Screen spliting” are gone or hidden.
I also liked to have the “LOOKS” on the left and the settings on the right.

The sliders on the right side are far to thin - it´s really difficult to hit them.

Maybe the interface got optically cleaner. BUT it needs now more “clicks” and “mouse miles” while creating an image.

I would really appreciate very much to get back the former interface and ALL the “classic” functionality.



Agree, I still use and prefer Studio 1, which is still functioning at the moment. They still haven’t added Image Layers so I can work with several images at once. I prefer to use Studio 1 as a standalone so it isn’t going back into Photoshop etc to do this. They said that may be a little while coming to Studio 2 but their time seems to be used in focusing on AI stuff currently.
I’m also concerned that I just updated Studio 2 (which I keep an eye on to check whether what I want is there). I still cant access Legacy plugins there as I can in Studio 1.
Also That I had to get it to look for my old favorites from Studio 1 yet again as these were all deleted in the upgrade. Not sure what Ill do if I can eventually not use Studio 1 for this to refer to.

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The only way for that is to continue using the Studio 1 product, things like Lens are only for RAW development which is still not supported and I am not sure if the Apply/Duplicate functionality will be coming before Image Layers are implemented.

Screen splitting though is there:


Hopefully it will become more functional with further development.


hi, many thanks for putting the upload information on, I got it on my old laptop but have since got a new lenovo art pc and when I try to download I get an error message, just wondered if you knew any way I could sort it ? all the best, mick.

What is the error message?

hi, many thanks for the help but I just tried again and I got it ok this time, so pleased I love the first version so much, hope we can keep getting it ?

Don’t count on it… :slight_smile: