Download Optimized Models files over and over

Every time I run a video through with the same method, VEAI downloads the exact same 30MB Optimized Model file, which takes way longer than it should per my 300mbps download speeds. Routinely it takes a few minutes to do so (around 200 kbps). Is there a way for me to pre-download everything and force VEAI to not grab it from the internet each and every time I want to convert a video?


I’d also like this.

I hate the way they made it so that it doesn’t install all the models with the installer, this also means you can’t use VEAI without internet access.

You probably can use it offline by downloading all needed modes via the manage models option before starting to work.

@Imo: can you point me to a step-through of how to get the software to download all the models; I’d like to do that on the studio computer—it should save time.

I made a video of how to do that. It is set to private/not listed because I’ve only the beta version atm: Topaz Video Enhance AI: Download all models - YouTube

Perfect; Interesting that you have to untick, then retick to make the models downloadable. Sincere thanks for this, Imo.

There is another option in the manage models dialog where you can tell VideoEnhance to download all models immediately!

I did click that, but even though I am on a good connection here, nothing happened. I will use your method once I get back to the studio. Thanks again.

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video is gone

ah yes it was probably outdated so I deleted it.