Download File Name

Maybe no one else likes to save older downloads, but I do - in case something goes wrong. It would be good if the PhotoAI team would follow the VideoAI team and provide the download file name with the download version instead of PhotoAI.msi for all downloads. VideoAI (which I also use) has the version number of the download as part of the filename - TopazVideoAI-3.1.0.msi, TopazVideoAI-3.3.2.msi.

  If you go under the Releases subforum, and then into an thread about a specific release, you’ll find that near the top of each thread, there are download links that downloads an installer that is named, as you want, to reflect which release it is.

  For the latest 2.0.0 version, for example, the installer that can be found at the thread for this release is named ”TopazPhotoAI-2.0.0.msi”

  Like you, I always want to keep previous versions at hand.  I’ve had it happen at least once or twice that some new release of Photo AI introduced some nasty bug that I was unwilling to tolerate, and resorted to installing the previous release to use until a new release came out with that bug fixed.

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