Downgrading to Sharpen AI V 1.4.6


I recently upgraded from Sharpen AI V2.2.2 to V3.0.2 and after having done this the software freezes in Lightroom Classic. As I try to open it in stand alone mode, it won’t open.
I try to reinstall V2.2.2 but same thing, Lightroom doesn’t respond anymore (until I 'force quick Sharpen) and it doesn’t work either in stand alone mode.
The only thing I can do is go back Sharpen AI V1.4.6. This version does work.

Question: what happened? I understand that some people experience problems with V3.0.2 but why can’t I go back to V2.2.2?

I’m working on a MacBook Pro (late 2011), MacOs version High Sierra 10.13.6, Memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DD, Graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB

It’s possible your OS is too old to work with v3. But I have no idea why you can no longer use v2. Unless someone with more Mac expertise can answer your question here, I suggest you raise a support ticket at the main Topaz site: we are just users like you here on the forum.

The Product Release section on this forum has all the releases, just choose the thread you want.

I’m having lots of trouble with the Sharpen AI, both the 3.0, 3.01 and 3.02 which was released a day or two after v3.01 is totally buggy. Getting KERNEL32.dll and hddapi.dll errors when program is started as stand-alone, totally bombs in Photoshop. Only current remedy is going back to v2.24 which works OK. All other Topaz AI’s apps work, just Sharpen AI is bombing out. Very frustrated they can’t get this right. I also use another competing Co’s products and that suite rarely if ever has any issues. Really like Topaz products but if it keeps getting like this, it’s not worth the trouble, given the loss in productivity if your relying on this for a business.