Doritaenopsis Sin-Yuan (Golden Beauty)


Continuously admiring the work of and taking hints from @ShazzyCo, I’m reposting Golden Beauty using a texture (October Garden) from Daily Textures. What fun, a new arrow in the quiver of tools! Sadly, I no longer have this wonderful orchid as I asked a friend to house sit while we are vacation and it got overwatered. But it was the thought that counts right? Sigh…

(Mond) #2

This is very nice

(David Kelly) #3

This turned out lovely. Sweet image.

(Warren1934) #4

Very nice composition. Textured/colored background really makes the image.

(RatRodStudios - Bob Kramer) #5

Beautiful composition and edit …

(John) #6

This is a great looking result, I like what you have done with your new tool.

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(Michael_DeLisio) #7

This image reminds me of Rocio who seems to have disappeared after the forum crashed.

I miss her wonderful images. Hope she’s ok.

Come back Rocio!!!


Michael, I thought the same thing. She had a wonderful collection of orchids and the artistic talent to display them.

(Kenneth Kovach) #9

Great job on both the orchid and background!

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