Don't speak to me~

Captured this pair on a walk yesterday at a local county park. Processed in Topaz Studio using some of the techniques Joel Wolfson prescribed.
I did run it through AI Sharpen but deleted the results as it over-sharpened it and brought out a lot of artifacts that I didn’t want in the photo.
I still think that software’s tools have to work independent of each other to be effective.
I could use some feedback to make this a better print. It’s in a square format for a reason.


Harry, the composition is ok but there are several things that need to improve. The focus of the left bird is out of focus. Maybe this is because the original photo had a shot depth of field, which is difficult to see on a small screen in daylight. Using a small aperture will help solve this.

The picture is over process and the in focus bird is very noisy. Assuming the original is not noisy, the processing needs changing. First use AI Clear, if you didn’t.

Thank you for the input. I’ll give it a roll tomorrow.