Don't move while I'm shooting..!

(Mike) #1

I love macro photography. Even if it is difficult (sometimes) and needs many attempts, but if the end result is right - then the effort was worth it…

(Mark) #2

Not to mention a LOT of patience & a bit of luck. Very nice.

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(Mond) #3

Excellent result

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(BobKramer) #4

Great macro work …

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(Michigander) #5

Macro can be frustrating and difficult but this came out great. I always got frustrated over the dof.

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(TERRY) #6

and the equipment spec — please?

(Mike) #7

NIKON D5200, Lens: Sigma 105mm 1:2,8 DG MacroHSM
f/5.6 , 1/125 , 105 mm , ISO 200

(TERRY) #8

thanks - focus stacking?

(Mike) #9

No Terry, just one shot… Continuous shooting, six fps I think.

(TERRY) #10

thanks for the info

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