Don't ignore the older adjustments

I really am impressed with AI Sharpen but I discovered that at this stage of its life, it may even get better. I took this image in RAW while testing a legacy lens and tried to sharpen and denoise it in AI Sharpen, I couldn’t rid it of color noise, so I started Studio and recalled old friend DeNoise 6. At the moderate setting it completely wiped out the noise instantly. Saving the image, I then started AI Sharpen where I then did sharpening at 70% and then processed a few small basic adjustments and set the mode to multiply. I just love Topaz products, but I learned that the products I’ve used for years, shouldn’t be forgotten.


Sharpen AI is not a noise reduction application, it handles softness, camera shake and focus issues. You still need to use a noise reduction application.

Hi Don, I guess I would want to know what the difference is between
sharpening and correcting a soft image. What exactly is happening at the
pixel level because to my eyes the entire image becomes sharp. Thanx.

Sharpening is used to correct a soft image. Noise reduction will reduce sensor introduced noise that occurs in the image such as when shooting at higher ISO.