Donkey Joust

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I had a rough time with this one. I could not quite get the feeling I wanted. This was the closest. The Donkey Boys, Alexander in the background and Sebastian in the foreground are brothers in that they are from the same herd. They lived wild in Northern Arizona’s Black Mountains before they came to me - still wild. I’ve had them for twelve years now and they are like big puppy dogs.

Here was the original photo.

Sometimes it may be better to leave the original alone. Criticisms welcomed.


Love the processing.

love it!

​Thank you, Kathy.​

Earthworm Hank

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Nice job …

Thank you, Bob.

Earthworm Hank

Thank you, Peter.

Nice capture and edits with these 2 playful donkeys.
You mention that you were not satisfied with getting the feeling you wanted with your processing, I like it?
Can you explain the look you were going for… maybe some member can give you some recommendations to try out?

Thank you, John. I wish I could fully explain the look I was going for -
something in my mind’s eye I find hard to define but would know it when I
saw it. I’ll have to keep looking at it and turning it over in my head then
maybe something will finally click. But once I can explain it, I’ll
certainly avail myself of all the talent here in the forum. Great group of

Earthworm Hank