Done in Studio 1, still impossible in Studio 2

When Studio 2 was released, we were told a few things were still to come with it. for me, some crucial things I use almost daily still haven’t been addressed. So, I am still working in Studio 1 (I use these standalone).
The accompanying image used Image layers to add complexity and my artists stamp as well. I know some of this can be done through textures but not as quickly or elegantly as in Studio 1.
I also use Restyle A LOT. this still cant be accessed as a plugin in standalone Topaz 2 but can in Topaz 1.
… just saying…


I doubt now that we will ever see Studio 2 brought up to the same standard of the original Studio. They lost some of their programmers and the knowledge of how Studio works appears to have been lost with them.

I’ve been working on ways around the loss of layers in Studio 2 and also some of the presets using other software, I still use Studio Original from time to time but I don’t think it will be long before it becomes obsolete and unworkable.

I just wish they would put their hands up and tell us what their plans are.


I am using the original Topaz Studio as a plug-in to Affinity photo as TS2 just doesn’t allow me to create the images I want. So you are not alone. To me I don’t think Topaz is any longer interested in the Studio products they are concentrating on their AI suite (which my computer can not cope with anyway) … such a shame.

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