Doesn't seem to be a 'licensing' forum so TechSup it is

I’ve understood that the license purchase only extends for one version… i.e. v2.x we’re on now is the extent of a license purchased today. Where can we find a roadmap of expected releases, in order to determine whether it’s worth buying the product today (for wholly non-commercial goals) rather than waiting for the next version? I see v1 got up to 1.9.x but that’s never indicative of the next release…

2nd question, how many devices does a license cover? I do some mining and have a number of high-powered GPUs here… would like to employ them also for VEAI… if my CPU is a lower-power T-model i3 (35W) am I sacrificing anything in a system with 3x RTX 3080?

Your best bet would be to open a support ticket directly with Topaz Labs. That way you will get the best answer direct from the source instead of another user’s opinion.

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