Does TopazLabs Plugins/Standalones have "Free" Lifetime Updates?

I recently purchased A.I. Gigipixel and A.I. Clear. I was wondering if these standalones and plugins have lifetime updates after you purchase them? I have read numerous other forums and some state that they do. I was just wanting to confirm it.

So if I purchase AI Gigapixel 2, and when AI Gigapixel 3 is released, is it a free upgrade/update?

Thanks in Advance.

I’m only a user but I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Topaz’s policy will remain the same on their products. Check for Updates under the Help column

But does the updates include major versions? Ex. AI Gigapixel 2 to AI Gigapixel 3 without having to pay a “Upgrade” fee when released?

Hopefully this may help answer your questions regarding Topaz Lab’s upgrade policy.


So it does include all future upgrades including major updates to individual products?

But it does not include upgrades to “bundles”.

Can someone confirm that I’m correct?

The individual products within the bundle purchased would be eligible for upgrades but “bundles” have changed over time. If a bundle contains several products new to the buyer as well as products already owned, it’s price would be adjusted to reflect those already purchased.

Essentially each product Topaz sells is upgraded for life. I have had some of their products for a long time and have never had an issue.

As far as bundles go you get a free lifetime upgrade of all the products that were in the bundle you bought. New additions to the bundle need to be procured separately. As a bundle owner I believe they give you a discount from the advertised price.

Ok great, thank you all for clearing this up for me! =)

While the free upgrades are a good point for Topaz, they do pull some tricks on occasion. For example, if you own the original Black & White effects plugin you will still have to pay for the Black and White adjustment in Topaz Studio. The same goes for Denoise 6 while most of the older plugin are upgraded free in Studio. Buying the bundle on sale will reduce costs as will attending the webinars. So there have been some exceptions to the free upgrades offer.

That’s not really fair. Firstly, those two adjustments aren’t complete replacements for the equivalent plug-ins which each comprise a number of adjustments. Yes, if you want them now you’ll have to pay for them, but when they’re ported to In Studio versions owners of the plug-ins will get them free, including all the relevant adjustments - just as they have for the other plug-ins that have already been ported and will do for the rest when they are too. No tricks at all.

No there haven’t.


Why did they make new partial adjustment then? If they make a partial adjustment in Studio then why charge for it, tht would be stupid and that is what they did. I’ll promise you a loaf of bread for free then charge you for a half a loaf.