? Does Topaz work better on latest ipads or windows tablets or

strong textHi. I’m new to this forum. I have been using Topaz sharpen and denoise for about one year. Overall, I’m very happy with it. Depending on pricing, I’ll probably get the new upcoming upgrades in the total Topaz AI package.

My old laptop just died and I’m looking for a good tablet/laptop for photo editing while I’m traveling. At home, I have a modern Windows 10 desktop with a 30" Dell IPS monitor which I use for most of my editing in LRc and Topaz.

My question: For Topax editing on the go, I’m I better off with an ipad, windows tablet, or a laptop (Windows or Apple).

I was told that because iPads don’t have a NVDIA GPU, they don’t work very efficiently with Topaz. Is this true?

Your advice/experience would be much appreciated …

  • Simon

Topaz apps don’t run on IOS or Android devices at all - only desktops and laptops.

Paul -
Thanks for the info. Very useful.

  • Simon