Does Topaz Video AI handle HDR brightness (above 1.0) in EXR files?

I’ve recently tried to denoise an EXR sequence in Topaz Video AI. The sequence had some bright light sources, some reaching 15-20 in brightness.
The denoiser seemed to do a decent job, but upon exporting the results (back to EXR) it turned out that the denoised frames all had the HDR brightness clamped to 1.0.
Does Topaz Video AI handle HDR natively? Or should the input frames have compressed brightness (for example - into LOG)?

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Topaz are looking into options for adding better HDR and wide color gamut support in the app, but for now Topaz recommend working in the standard BT.709 color space as that is what the AI models are converting input files to for processing,
For now BT.709 is the internal colorspace for all model processing.

I remember someone from Topaz saying that, but ffmpeg says it’s converting to rgb48le for processing:
[swscaler @ 000002019B3D46C0] [swscaler @ 000002019B4CCFC0] No accelerated colorspace conversion found from yuv420p to rgb48le.

I basically quoted Tony :laughing: