Does Topaz Software use LibRaw?

Limitation may because of LibRaw does not support CR3.
For Cr3 May have other photo program or Use Canon Software to export As Tif. To use Topaz Software.what cameras Use CR3?

What is your question?

Read The last sentence with a “?”:slight_smile:

“What cameras use CR3?”
Do You have cameras that use CR3 Don?
Affinity photo may have Same Isuue.
Does Topaz Software use LibRaw?

Every Canon camera since the EOS M50 was released 26 Feb 2018.

Affinity Photo processes CR3 images.

Ask Topaz Labs.

Do you Have Cameras that Put out CR3 ?

LibRaw supports CR3 since 2019/10
We just released LibRaw 0.20-Beta1 which was internally tested for several months.

This is a user to user forum … if you want Topaz support go to the main website please. I don’t believe the 0.19.5 stable release supports CR3 though.

My name is Iliah Borg. I’m one of LibRaw developers. What I’m saying is that we support CR3 format.

However, the latest versions of Studio 2, Adjust and Mask do not recognize CR3!

LibRaw supports CR3 formats (except 1D X Mark III lossy CR3) since 31 October, 2019 - see News on our site.

Well, I just purchased Studio 2 and Mask today, installed and restarted my computer, but neither program will accept my CR3 photos (taken with a Canon EOS EP).

PS: I submitted a support request.

The libraw support is only in LibRaw 0.20-Beta2 version. Please remember also that it is not just libraw used in the processing of raw images, there are IO libraries and lends corrections etc.

Support are aware of this version.