Does this spf sound about right?

I’m using an AMD rx6750 xt GPU and I’m testing it out on a 2 minute 1080p youtube video. I’m going from 1080p 30fps to 4k 60fps (proteus fine-tune / enhance ai model) and I’m getting around 1.3spf / .8fps and it’s a little over 2 hours to finish it. The output is h265 high

Under task manager, this is what I see being used:
cpu: i5-13600 (around 30% usage)
gpu: rx 6750xt (utilization seems to average around 60% only)
ram: 32gb ddr5 (using 13gb)

I downloaded the “pro” drivers from amd, which is supposed to be better optimized for production work. I’m on tvai version 3.1.2

Just curious if this sounds about right or if I should be doing better with what I have

Apologies for missing your message!

GPU utilization depends on a lot of factors, including the different models used and the parameters you are using.

Task Manager is not the most reliable source of information for GPU and CPU consumption. To get a better idea of how the app is utilizing your GPU, you will want to switch from 3D to Graphics_1.

The figures you shared seem normal based on the specs and the version you are on.