Does this spf sound about right?

I’m using an AMD rx6750 xt GPU and I’m testing it out on a 2 minute 1080p youtube video. I’m going from 1080p 30fps to 4k 60fps (proteus fine-tune / enhance ai model) and I’m getting around 1.3spf / .8fps and it’s a little over 2 hours to finish it. The output is h265 high

Under task manager, this is what I see being used:
cpu: i5-13600 (around 30% usage)
gpu: rx 6750xt (utilization seems to average around 60% only)
ram: 32gb ddr5 (using 13gb)

I downloaded the “pro” drivers from amd, which is supposed to be better optimized for production work. I’m on tvai version 3.1.2

Just curious if this sounds about right or if I should be doing better with what I have