Does "Sharpen" replace "In Focus"?

There is an adjustment in Topaz Studio called “Sharpen.” Is this suppose to replace the Topaz “In Focus” plugin?

No, sharpen is a separate module to sharpen your images. You find similar adjustments in all image processors.

Descriptions of all adjustments are on the web site…

Trying to figure out Sharpen, too. I own all Topaz software, inc. InFocus and Detail. Why would a person need Sharpen? Thanks.

Try this for an explanation …

InFocus description here:

Thanks, Don. I had spent quite some time on Topaz web site and read these pages. Still don’t know what Sharpen will do that InFocus and Detail, and PS Unsharp Mask/HighPass filter won’t do. Wonder what I will gain by making Sharpen purchase over the tools I already own? Thanks.

The biggest gain will be that the Studio Adjustments will be updated, there will be no more updates to existing PS type plug-ins.

Note though that InFocus is available through the Studio plug-in menu.

Now that you’ve mentioned that no more updates will be forthcoming for the original plug-ins, that raises another question; Apple will b e moving to OS 12 in a few months which switches the OS to 64bit processing. 32bit applications will no longer run. Will that mean our PS original plug-ins will be DOA in September???

You may need to raise a support request via the Plugins link in the Need Help panel above as I am not a Mac user. The situation in Windows has been that although the OS is 64bit processing, 32bit applications still run.

We haven’t supported 32bit Macs for >5 years, you’ll be fine =]

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However – breaking changes to current Classic Plugin products will result in an update to bring them back to functionality. For example, if Adjust 5 is broken by the macOS update, we’ll fix it. If Detail 3 is broken, because it is a previous version, it will not be updated.


Thanks Joe

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