Does "Gigapixel" actually support gigapixels?

I have a 116MP (32767 x 3543) panorama that I’d like to further enhance. The maximum scale it allows is 0.98x (only allowing me to reduce the resolution of the image). I’m guessing there’s a dimension limit at 32000 pixels? Can that be relaxed?

That’s been a hard limit since the beginning.

That seems like a low limit-- I guess it’s only truly Giga with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Has anyone tried slicing and tiling GP-AI results? If I break the image into smaller slices to enhance, will there be apparent artifacts at the boundaries?

We do have a max file size limit of 32,000 pixels on the longest side.

This is something that we have discussed increasing, but it will remain the same at the moment. You can try splitting the image up and upscaling each piece and then putting it back together.