Does Anyone Want To Guess What This Is?

Does anyone want to guess what this photo was before I, uh, modified it with Topaz Studio?


Heart on the beach? :slight_smile:

Unpacked gift?

A hairy part of your body that I don’t want to know more about?:sunglasses:

Thank your the guesses, @Laundromat, @tebel53 and @AllMediaLab. Very good guess, Peter.

Here is the original, before AI Remix and HSL Color tuning.

I took the photo on a Florida beach and it was either a heart shaped jellyfish that looked like a balloon, or a heart shaped balloon that looked like a jellyfish - maybe I should have investigated further when I took the shot :wink:

Its the missing part of me that my last wife took. At least I can’t have a heart attack. :disappointed_relieved:

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I have gps coordinates for the photo if you want to try to find it…

Thanks Ken but I’ve learned to live for my art (and fixing things that constantly go wrong).

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Certainly not a jellyfish :smile: Did not expect my guess could be close.

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